“Emotional Quicksand”

By Bobby Rio
Co-creator of:  Unlock Her Legs:  How to Finally Nail that Hard to Get Girl

Love_Sick_by_Lissie_KunYou meet Robin at a friend’s birthday.

You were all at a local bar.  And somehow Robin and you  gravitate towards each other.

She is blonde with short spiky hair. And a little on the “dorky” side.

Definitely not the type you usually go for.

But she quickly plays into your vanity and is complimenting you and calling you “adorable”.   You are flattered by the attention, but really have no interest in hooking up with her.

But she is a persistent little girl. And later that night she invites you to go on a ski trip the following weekend with a bunch of your friends.

You are drunk enough to accept the invitation. Plus, you are never one to turn down a ski trip.

Although you initially resist her when you get up to the mountain, eventually the idea of sharing a bed with a cute blonde outweighs spanking it to porn.

The minute you kiss you feel a chemistry you haven’t felt in a long time. And the indifference you felt towards her turns into a strong physical attraction.

Every time she stands close to you, you feel a jolt of sexual electricity flow through your body.

She has awakened a strong “physical” desire in you…

…But you don’t feel much more than that.

You have an opposite sense of humor.  You like different types of music.  And generally you don’t have much in common.

You assume once the weekend ends the ‘enchantment’ that her bold confidence gives you will wear off…  And you’ll probably make some excuse to avoid seeing her again.

The first couple nights back home go ok. You and Robin exchange a few texts.  She makes a few references about wanting to see you.

But you are in “play it cool” mode so you decide to wait a few days to call her. (if at all)

But when Friday rolls around you begin feeling ‘tingly’ throughout your body just thinking of taking her clothes off.  This feeling grows and grows until you can hardly contain your excitement.

While still at work you send her a text that says “I want to see you.  BAD!”

You expect an immediate response from her echoing the sentiment.

You wait and wait… but the response never comes.

You are still in “play it cool” mode so you decide to hit the bar with a  couple of friends.   Yes, you admit it. Your mind is on Robin. But you are not that worried as she seems to be super into you… (so chances are she is just busy or something.  Maybe playing hard to get.)

Back at your place later you go against your better instinct and call her.  When she doesn’t answer you leave a message.   You fall asleep that night with the phone in your hand, still waiting for the call.

Saturday morning you go into “panic mode”.

The realization that she didn’t’ call sets it.  You begin scanning your brain for reasons she would be avoiding you.

You’re not sure why it bothers you so much that she ignored your call… but it does.

Over the course of a few hours “Spiky Haired Robin” goes from a girl you were planning on blowing off… to “girlfriend material.”

You don’t hear from her the rest of the weekend.

By Sunday you are thinking clearly again.  You remember her bad taste in music.  You remember her cheesy attempts at flirting.  And the “tingle” she gave you between you legs is becoming a distant memory.

One AM monday night she calls.

111030010449-apple-iphone-newly-purchased-story-topYou know you should not answer the phone.  You know you should give her a taste of her own medicine.  But that’s not what you do.  What you do is invite her over to your house.

When she gets  to your place she acts nonchalant about not calling… and you forgive her immediately. You make out for awhile. She tells you how cute you are.  How good of a kisser you are.  How she wants to cook  you dinner this week.

You feel good.  You are the King of the World.  You begin to wonder why you were ever worried.  Of course she likes you.

Or does she?

The massive influx of texts you are expecting from her do not come. In fact, you don’t get a single message from her the rest of the week.

The next two months are a bit of a blur…

They basically consist of you checking your phone every three minutes to see if she called.

The few times she actually does call or text… you are too weak to play the game.  For a minute or two you tell yourself you will not call her back… but then you give in.

Some of the time she seems “cold and distant.”

Other times she sends you texts like “I miss you”, “You should be with me right now”…

One night at four am your phone rings.  Its her number.  But no-one is on the line.  Soon music comes through your receiver and you realize “I don’t want to lose your love tonight” is playing in the background of wherever she is.  You had told her that was your favorite song.

491452944_1fd0528e5c_mYou no longer know how to act.  You try to play it cool and act like you don’t care.  Then later in moments of weakness you send her texts asking  “what’s going on with us” and other things you get nauseous thinking about.

Your conversations with your friends has become a constant game of “Decoding Robin.”

They are sick of hearing about her. But you can’t stop analyzing her motives.  Trying to to figure her out.

You want to walk away.  But there is so much “unfinished  business”.   You must solve this riddle.  You must win this battle.

You must regain the affection and validation that “Spiky Haired Robin”  gave you up in the mountain on that ski trip many months ago…

You admit to yourself that she “has you.”

You haven’t thought about another girl in ages.  Her flaws don’t matter. Her spiky hair no longer annoys you.

You are in “emotional quicksand” and her tiny hand is the only one that can pull you out.

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