How to Gain the Upper Hand with a Girl

By Bobby Rio
Co-creator ofUnlock Her Legs:  How to Finally Nail that Hard to Get Girl

flat,550x550,075,fEvery time a guy and a girl start talking one person tries harder.

And the person who tries harder holds less power.

Once a girl recognizes that she has the power game over, collect your consolation prize, and go home.

On the other hand, girls are “power hungry”.  When a cool, hot girl senses you have the  upper hand, her mind literally can’t handle it.

It forces her to chase after you. (this is especially true if you’re not her usual type.)

Want to know something else?

Girls are constantly testing you to see how much  power they hold. It could be something as simple as playing with her phone while you’re talking to her, fishing for a compliment, or using her sexuality to see what she can get from YOU.

How you react to these tests lets her know how much power she has over you. (spotting these tests give you a huge advantage)

Now, in this video I show you a move that shifts the balance of power.  And if you’ve got a female friend in your life, even a girl you work with… she’ll be the perfect girl to test this on.

So the question is…

How do you gain the “upper hand”?

Here it is…

Whether you’re just meeting a girl, friends with her, or even if you’ve already hooked up with her, she’s silently (and unconsciously) judging you.

  • how predictable are you?
  • do you like her more than she likes you?
  • what do you want from her?
  • how much bullshit will you deal with?
  • what can she get you to do?
  • how special do you view her?
  • has she already figured you out?

809006_vbThese questions are the ULTIMATE POWER YOU HOLD.

Because she wants answers to them. In fact, she needs answers to them.

And as long as she searching for the answers, you hold the power.

When I first realized this, my answer was to act like an ASSHOLE or a jerk, and pretend I didn’t care what she thought, and downplay how much I liked her.

But that was WRONG too.

Because girls will either A.) see through your “act” or B.) Assume you’re uninterested and move on.

Nope. Pretending to be an asshole doesn’t work.

What you need to do is let her think she’s got you figured out, and then THROW HER A CURVE BALL.

And then scramble the answers to these questions together, until figuring you out becomes  the only thing she can think about.

Until it becomes a compulsion for her.

Until you become a “puzzle” she gets obsessed with solving.

That’s what “The Scrambler” does… and I want to teach it you.

=> discover the ‘mind game’ called The Scrambler

Want proof?

Just look at the titles of dating advice books that
women buy.

90% of the books have titles like:

“What is he thinking”

“How to read a guy’s mind”

“Is he into you”

“How a man’s mind works”

Watch the video on the next page to discover how to use this to your advantage.