What Girls “Chase”…

By Bobby Rio
Co-creator ofUnlock Her Legs:  How to Finally Nail that Hard to Get Girl

obsessedIt’s safe to say that all girls like a challenge.  Girls are actually hardwired to want what they can’t have. They LOVE the chase.

So the six million dollar question is how to you ignite the chase?

Answer: Use the right “bait.” 

See we’re guys.  Guys chase sex.   A girl just has to wave a pair of titties in our face, and she’s got our attention.  And if she even vaguely hints at sex we’ll chase her barefoot over broken glass.

Girls don’t chase sex.   She can get that from any dude with a dick.  If she waves her crotch in a guys face – he’s going to fuck her. Girls don’t chase sex.  They enjoy it. But they don’t chase it.

And if you think its looks, money, or what kind of car you drive… Think again, my friend.   You’re sadly mistaken. I’ll prove that to you in a second.

Let me explain, when I started experimenting with “Operation Mind Control” I quickly found a few weapons.   I call these WEAPONS OF ATTENTION.   And when you use this sort of bait she’ll be like a fish on a hook, and there is no wiggling free.

So would you like to know what girl’s chase? Good I’m going to tell you.

2 Weapons of Attention

Bugatuga_Bartender_4Girls chase validation.  Validation is female kryptonite.   It’s the chink in her armor.  Its her “Achilles’ Heel.” And you can use this to your advantage.

For example, I know that girls secretly get a kick out of putting a guy in the friend zone.   It gives her a big boost of validation.  Another check in her “He likes me column”…   And hey, that’s cool.   Who doesn’t like to get their ego stroked?  Now, how many hot girls do you think have ever gotten the “Lets just be friends speech” delivered to them?

Exactly ZERO. So it’s the last thing she expects. Bingo.

As soon as I figured this out I used it to bang this hot blonde waitress I worked with. And the best part was she thought it was HER IDEA.   I never even had to make a move.  I just made a few innocent comments about us being friends. It was like I tapped into some “fuck me reflex” and next thing I know I’m back at her place and she’s shoving a condom in my hand pulling me into bed with her.

It’s pretty astonishing; act like a woman can’t join your club, and she’ll do almost anything to get in.

Want to know another Weapon of Attention?

Sending Mixed Signals. Think about how crazy it drives you when a girl sends you mixed signals.  Well, its 10x more powerful when you do it to her.  Because it confuses the shit out of her.  And Confusion is like CRACK for girls.  And when you get a girl sitting at her computer googling “what does it mean when he…” her panties are already halfway around her ankles…

This is why “Nice Guy” behavior is such a pussy repellant.  Nice guys deprive her of what she wants most; drama and uncertainty…

You’ll also notice another fun effect when you start sending her mixed signals.  It flips her “Approval Seeking Switch” and she begins trying to win you over.  This works even if she wasn’t attracted to you in the first place.

Every Friday I used to go to the same bar for Happy Hour.  There was this cute brunette bartender that I decided to test this on.  So I started sending mixed signals, acting hot and cold, interested, disinterested… within a few weeks she was showering me with free drinks, asking my friends if I was single, complimenting my eyes, and dropping every hint in the book that she wanted to bang me…

Now I held back from banging her, and here’s why. Because when you have the hot bartender constantly flirting with you, complimenting you, and making it noticeable to everyone in the room that she wants you…  It makes you look like the MAN.

When the other girls in your life pick up on this they get jealous as shit and become much more attracted to you. One thing you should know about girls is nothing makes a girl hornier than SEEING that another girl is dying to date you. This is why The Scrambler creates a “Snowball Effect” and can quickly turn your bedroom into a revolving door of women…

playful-flirt-sexy-woman-17102011Oh, and lets talk about the sex for a minute.  Remember, I said girls enjoy it, but they don’t chase it.  When a girl falls in love with you that all changes. She doesn’t just enjoy it. She craves it.  She’ll feel like you’re the best she’s ever had even if you’re inexperienced, have a small dick, or so old you wear dentures.

This is because of all the dopamine and other pleasure chemicals her brain releases when she’s in love.   Love is the ultimate drug. She’ll flat out get addicted to banging you.  This might have you smiling, but it can get exhausting quick, especially when you’re juggling three or four girls

So by now you might be wondering, “what the hell is the Scrambler?”

On the next page you can learn exactly how to use to bang even the most hard to get girl.

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