It’s Literally Impossible For Her to Reject You…

Because The Scrambler is completely under her radar it is impossible for her to reject you. She’ll find herself thinking about you constantly, she won’t know where these thoughts are coming from but she’ll be powerless to stop them.

You can use this to:

  • Make her your girlfriend
  • Turn her into your bang buddy
  • Build up a whole rotation of hot young women you can hang out with on demand
  • You have total control of where the relationship goes

And It’s All Due to A Simple Mind Game Called The Scrambler That Will Turn Your Bedroom into a Revolving Door of Women (or Have You Waking Up Naked with Some Girl You’re Completely In Love With…

What The Scrambler does is plant tiny seeds in her mind that get her thinking about you when you’re not around.   It stirs jealousy in her mind until she begins to want you all to herself.   It isolates her thinking so that other guy can’t penetrate her thoughts.

You’ll have her sexually fantasizing about you. She won’t know where these thoughts are coming from but she’ll be powerless to stop them.   So by the time you make your move she’ll be sexually starved for you.

Along with learning the entire sequence of the Scrambler you’ll discover:

  • A secret question that will instantly tell you if a girl’s ready to sleep with you… so you never have to risk rejection or embarrassment.
  • Discover The #1 Secret To Getting A Female Friend To Make The First Move…
  • Why girls quickly get bored with you- And how to turn being with you into a soap opera she can’t turn away from.
  • Exactly How To Handle The Crucial "Make Or Break" First Five Minutes Of Meeting Up With Her… This Is When She Decides If She’s Going To Sleep With You Or Turn Her Cheek And Give You The "Let’s Just Be Friends Speech"
  • 3 Simple "Power Plays" That Position You As The Prize And Makes Sure The Date Ends With Her Back At Your Place…
  • How To Use "Innocent Texts" To Plant Sexual Thoughts In Her Mind…
  • Secret Signs She Sends When She Likes You- Chances are you’re missing key signs she’s sending you and missing golden opportunities to make your move.


Tired of Running Out of Things to Say? Or Struggling to Impress Her?

  • How to subtly plant the idea of sleeping with you in her mind… you’ll learn a series of questions you can ask her that get her thinking about sex with you
  • The Complete "Rules Of Engagement" To Avoid Appearing Needy, Try Hard, Or Mistakenly Handing Her The Upper Hand…
  • Territory And Eliminate Any Possible "Friend Zone" Objections That Might Come Up Later…
  • How to Quickly Move The Conversation Towards Sexual
  • How Skyrocket The Sexual Tension A Girl Feels When She’s Around You
  • How To Get Her To Admit Things To You That Bond The Two Of You So Close Together That She’ll Start Missing You The Second You Leave Her Side…
  • The only way you should be asking a girl out on a date: There is no risk of rejection when you use this technique.